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David MercaldoThe Staten Island ferry, cosmopolitan life, New York City, yuppies and little dogs who think they're people are only a few of the subjects dealt with by author, David Mercaldo. Fast becoming known as - "America's Newest Story Teller," this educator, playwright and author has given us such acclaimed works as Ferry (as in Staten Island, NYC), Seamstress; and now a children's book - Little Boy Boo(The adventures of a Yorkshire terrier who thought he was a boy). Whether it's a candid story of the immigrant experience in the United States or a children's fantasy, this author wastes no time in bringing you modern literary masterpieces that are unforgettable and timely!

He is the author, composer of a Broadway musical...Apartment to Let; an endearing struggle between a father and son called Fathra and now Breakfast on First Avenue – "the most unique approach to theater in decades."

BOOK SIGNING PICTUREMercaldo is a prolific writer on such topics in education, politics, finance and drama. He travels nationwide as a motivational speaker to schools, colleges, civic organizations and business groups.

He brings to the printed page and the human ear, stories of life, hope and the struggles we all face in growing up and...growing older! And for the children...there is that wonderful experience many are cheated out of in our fast paced..."grow-me-up-quick" society...good old fashioned fantasy!



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