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"A book that challenges the very core of traditional Italian faith."

"This is a book about an organization that has had a profound influence on the history and culture of those individuals of Italian heritage and ancestry. David Mercaldo has dedicated himself to years of research, and in the words of critic and playwright ("NINE"), Mario Fratti, "he has now a new, daring book," and further confesses that, for many years Italians were told that the Bible was forbidden reading. While many provocative books have been written and published about Italians, this one deals with perhaps the most confrontational and sensitive subject one dare bring to the printed page…the religion of Italians! The labor of bringing this book to you is nothing less than a "herculean task," as Fratti puts it – "An important book that we must read with a healthy curiosity!

From the Publisher

The word ‘scripture' carries weight in any language. Historically it has been assigned only to documents that societies deemed "very important" – significant documents that guide and instruct in all manner of behaviors and actions. It is not surprising that key operational documents are dubbed, "The Bible" of this or that discipline. There are "golf bibles and even a "plumber’s bible." In every case, they are thought to be definitive and complete! But there are other kinds of bibles bearing ‘scriptures’ that actually direct adherents to do away with anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Other, so called ‘scriptures,’ engage followers to perform all kinds of emotional and mental acrobatics to achieve some higher state. Still, other documents describe mystical places beyond, outside, below or above our world. Not surprisingly, most create their own basis for authority that simply cannot be substantiated or corroborated. These are based on one person’s vision, the ever-evolving dogma of an institution, or some mysterious document with no verifiable origin.

And then there are jocular systems that mock the entire concept, like Dadaism and the Church of Bob. They have their own "bibles," but they’re just not Holy!

Sitting outside this cluster of confusion sits the Bible! Say what you will, it simply rises above the confusion in terms of scope, accuracy, consistency, and message. You may not choose to follow its teaching nor its answer for eternal salvation but any honest inquirer and student would have to admit that it is unique among religious documents.

Yet, even it has been maligned and encumbered with messages that distort its clarity and truth or the demand that someone other than the inquisitive individual interpret its "real" meaning.

That is the message of David Mercaldo’s book… "The Other Italians." It is a provocative look at a religious system that has governed much of Italian life for millenniums, and how many are now realizing the simple message of the Gospel has been obscured by centuries of distortion. Playwright and theater critic, Mario Fratti, called it "an important book" and we agree!

So, read on! Read carefully! Read with an open mind…or shall I say an, "open heart!"



The LTC Terry Lakin Story.

Jack Cashill, author of numerous books, and David Mercaldo, offered to assist Terry in telling his story and has been gathering facts and background information on a daily basis. You can read more about Jack at his partner profile (click here to read his profile). In addition, David Mercaldo, a New York based author will be interviewing and writing the supporter vignettes. You can learn more about David at his website ( You can read about Terry's story at




Is it possible for a friendship to really last a life-time? SEAMSTRESS liter-ally "sews" together the lives of five women who were determined to let nothing get in the way of their friendship. They were determined to share their lives for as long as God gave them breath. This is their story...the way they would want it to be told! Mercaldo has captured the essence of human bonding like no other writer today! SEAMSTRESS is testimony to this accomplishment. This is a story of mid-twentieth century life in America, when the "dream" was alive, and there for the taking; when the family was found in a house of worship on Sunday morning and a "mil-lion" family members sat around dinner table! In the mid-twentieth century, America sewed! We knitted, crocheted and twisted yarn in more creative ways than imaginable! But there was also the seamstress. They came in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes! She was your grandmother, aunt, mother, cousin, sister, and friend. They were all there passing the pieces of every kind of garment under the arm of the sewing machine. David Mercaldo has captured an era when Americans looked to the future and dreamed!

SEAMSTRESS will shortly be republished under the Paperclip Press imprint.




Here’s the story of a little Yorkshire terrier who thought he was a boy. LITTLE BOY BOO is a wonderful interactive book that is perfect for the child in your life. Whether you are a teacher, parent or grandparent, this unique project paperback offers the young reader the opportunity to become the book’s Illustrator. There are games and puzzles to support reading comprehension and word meaning. At the end of the book there are lined pages for the child to create an original story. On the back cover the child gets affix a picture and write his/her own biography! There’s never been a child’s story book like this before! Great for the home…terrific for the classroom!

LITTLE BOY BOO will shortly be republished under the Paperclip Press imprint.



FERRY takes you on an extraordinary journey over the Hudson River to the big city on a fall day in the early 1950s. The trip across the narrows takes only few minutes but today you will live a lifetime during that that trip as you join, Angelo Marullo, the shoeshine and all of the "regulars." They've got stories to tell and adventures to live when they reach the big city. There's a seat right over there by the window waiting for you!

FERRY will shortly be republished under the Paperclip Press imprint.




Another classic American story by America’s storyteller.

I remember when I was a kid I found a stack of photos in a dresser drawer that were held together by a red rubber band. They were old and frail, and when I began to look at them I started on a journey. While I didn’t recognize all of the people in the photos, somehow I knew the personalities and places were part of my life. At the top of the pack were three of my older cousins, when they were much younger, sitting on a “stoop” in front of a brownstone in the city. Another was one of my mother and her sisters posing with my grandmother (Grandma was in the middle wearing an apron). As I flipped through the photos I saw my uncles in their military uniforms and my aunts waving goodbye to them at the Brooklyn Navy yard. There was a picture of my grandfather riding on a horse cart. It looked like it was taken when he lived in the old country. Then there was a picture of my Dad. His foot was up on the running board of a 1932 Chevy roadster, (That’s what it said on the back of the picture). One by one I shuffled through those black and white glossies, and when I placed them back in the drawer I had had such an overwhelming feeling that I had a special heritage, and was part of a great big, wonderful family.

The word for family in Italian is “famiglia.” But in any language, no matter how you write or say it, you get the same feeling…that you have a past and because of it…you have a future.  So this book is really a collection of snapshots and stories about our past! I penned FAMIGLIA to give you a window into the past…to bring you back to the “old neighborhood.” Take your time as you stroll up and down those streets. Stay as long as you like and enjoy the memories. Life goes by pretty fast and that’s why it’s so important to cherish each moment.